June 27, 2022


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6 Car Tech Accessories To Upgrade Your Ride In 2022

Driving a car is a fun experience but not so much fun when you are stuck in a traffic jam. You have nothing to do but wait and you don’t have any tech accessories that can keep you entertained during that time. Tech accessories can help drivers in tackling the emergency situations they face during long-distance travel. In this article, we are discussing 6 tech gadgets to upgrade your ride in 2022:

1. weBoost Drive X

This is a good product for those looking to improve the signal they get from their vehicles. If you require better cell service, getting a booster can be an easy solution. This product comes with an external antenna outside that will deliver a 33 percent better signal for all carriers in North America. 

This includes everyone in the vehicle. You can find these products available for everything from small sedans to trucks and RVs.

2. Aluratek Universal Bluetooth Audio Cassette Receiver

This is a product that is good for those that have an older vehicle. If you have a vehicle that has an old cassette player in it, you’re in luck. With this device, you can plug in the cassette and add Bluetooth to your car like it’s magic. It will pair with your favorite mobile device to allow for playback directly through your vehicle’s speakers. 

You can eject it to turn it off. While the adapter that you will be using does require power from your vehicle’s outlet, it makes for an easy way to turn your old stereo into a much more practical one. 

You can even run it off its built-in batteries for up to 8 hours if you don’t have access to an outlet. You could opt for the more affordable Aluratek Bluetooth Car Audio Receiver and FM Transmitter if you want to use your phone’s audio as a radio station.

3. Tecknet USB Car Charger

This is one of the best options for those that are looking to add USB ports to their vehicles. Not every vehicle has a USB port. However, they come in handy. A lot of the newer vehicles will have them, but older models existed before it was common. If you want to add usable USB ports to your vehicle, all you need to do is plug this device in.

 It gets plugged into your vehicle’s lighter or charger port. From there, you get up to 4 USB ports that you can use that are fully capable of fast charging. Alternatively always ensure you have a portable power bank.

4. Hum+ Gen 2

This is a product that will deliver you plenty of value. It comes with a dongle and a Bluetooth speakerphone/controller that can fit the visor of your vehicle/car. You will plug in and power the unit with your DC connector. It can be a very accessible alternative to OnStar which is a service that you can pay for that will auto-detect any crashes or other issues with your vehicle using Verizon service. 

It can do a lot of things including auto-connecting to emergency services and more. With this device, you can connect it to your mobile devices and use the app to track all of the information it obtains. It can even help you find your vehicle if you’ve parked it in a huge parking lot. It will also send out maintenance reminders to ensure that you are getting your vehicle checked on occasion. 

The cost of this product is $99 and it requires a $10 per month charge for the service. There is also an additional $35 activation fee required. You could opt for the HumX Gen 2 which delivers nearly the same features and value, but it comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and a speaker. Each of these devices offers support for Google Assistant.

5. Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

This is a good product for those that want to keep track of their tires. Having properly inflated tires is one of the best things you can do to save money on gas. However, having to pull out the gauge and monitor your tires can be tedious and time-consuming. 

It’s easy to find yourself driving a vehicle with tires that you haven’t monitored in months. This doesn’t happen when you use a product like the Nonda ZUS smart tire safety monitor. With this device, you will be able to screw in anti-theft tire pressure sensors directly into your tire’s valves. 

From there, you can get the pressure and temperature information of all of your tires sent directly to your phone. It will warn you about any slow leaks that you can address before they spiral out of control and into something much more serious.

6. JVC Digital Multimedia Receiver

Likely, you don’t even remember how to use a CD that’s how old the tech is. This is a great option for those that want to get rid of their old head units. You can swap it out with this one and solve all of your issues. This head unit features a direct Wi-Fi connection which can allow you to control your playback with CarPlay or AndroidAuto

It even comes with a 6.8-inch resistive touch screen that will allow you to have easy access to a lot of other things including Bluetooth for calling, streaming, and its built-in GPS. This unit might cost $599.95 but there is a reason it sits at the top of Crutchfield’s list for Best Car Stereos for 2022.

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