June 27, 2022


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6 Reasons Why You Can Benefit Choosing Exchange Email

Email is critical for any business communication. Without an efficient email system, your business will lose customers, which will affect sales and profit. Nevertheless, the success of any business to a great extent depends on an effective email solution. If it is marred by inefficient communication capabilities and fears about data privacy and security, you need to look for a powerful email service like the Exchange Email designed by Microsoft.

The Exchange Email is a reliable email service designed for businesses, as well as academic institutions. It helps support a large number of users and keeps email in sync with the end-user clients. There are several reasons why you should use Exchange Email. Here are some primary ones.

  1. Maintain complete control of email environment

The user-friendly web-based interface helps you have full control of the Exchange environment, which includes storage, permissions, mailbox creation, etc., in a few clicks. The specialist users and helpdesk are empowered by the role-based access control to perform particular tasks that reflects in the Exchange environment.

  1. Have your important data at one place

With a large mailbox and an in-place archive, the users have the flexibility to retain important emails in the primary mailbox, or in the archive items. The Exchange’s effective retention and flexible policies help you manage the storage and compliance requirements.

  1. Prevent loss of your sensitive data

Most organizations face the problem of their employees sending sensitive information by mistake to unauthorized people. The data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities help determine, monitor, and safeguard highly sensitive data using deep content analysis. The built-in DLP policies in conform to the regulatory standards laid by PCI and PII. These standards are extensible to support other important business policies.

  1. Keep your information safe and secured
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The Email Exchange is designed to have in-built defenses to protect your emails from any threats. With Exchange email hosting, you can have all your data safe from technical and physical threats at the data centers. It also shields your email from spam and phishing threats using multi-layered anti-spam filtering.

  1. Help manage team communications easily

The users can manage the team communications easily by being able to view all the communications, even the old ones, on a project when they join. Other than this, your team can access the latest documents in any versions, and manage the information at the locations it is kept.

  1. Use it on any device from anywhere

With the Exchange Email optimized to suit any device like a desktop, mobile and browser, the users can access the mail from anywhere and have a clean and uncluttered experience. On the desktop, you can manage using the Email Exchange all your emails, contacts, tasks and calendars in one location, using all the features and functions of Outlook.

Similarly, you can connect from any web browser to Outlook and deal with your emails, contacts and tasks. You can also sync your Android or iPhone with the PC or MAC to view emails and tasks and act upon them.

If you want to make the best use of Microsoft Exchange Email, you can choose any of the hosting plans like the economy, business or premium offered by a reliable service provider.