August 19, 2022

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How can surfshark help to spot and overcome price discrimination

We often see fluctuating prices on the website, which suddenly spike significantly. And this moment becomes worse when we are eager to buy a particular thing. This we can say is price discrimination.

Price discrimination is a way of charging distinct amounts based on information about their life. All the information such as gender, location, and occupation matters greatly in their criteria. But nothing stops technology keen guys from finding a way. Various ways can help to avoid price discrimination.

In this article, we will look at examples of price discrimination and multiple ways to avoid it with the active use of VPN to buy cheaper commodities online.

Surfshark VPN to get better prices

If we discuss which algorithm the price discrimination decided, it is all about the data collected online related to you. However, this all is not proven. Nobody knows the exact algorithm, and it varies concerning websites. Sometimes you feel it less, but the things go precisely opposite where you pay more than the actual price. Here we will discuss some of the common price discrimination cases after which going shopping and sporting becomes easy for you.

  • Buying Airline Ticket Case

When you buy an airline ticket, activate a VPN on your device, after which you only visit the website. But once you get out of the websites, it is recommended to clear all cookies and be sure not to have acted with them with a VPN.

How does a VPN make it effective? So if you are activating VPN, you will appear as someone who visits their website for the first time. They think it’s your first visit and you will get the offer with cheaper rates of tickets. Thus, this proves an effective method to get tickets at more affordable rates using a VPN.

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Talking about another case of price discrimination, hotels are the one. With the help of Surfshark VPN, you can visit any hotel booking website before getting tracked. It is mainly observed that if you visit the website regularly, then the chances of a rate spike are much higher for you. So to overcome this kind of price discrimination, you can access VPN. But once you are done with the booking, clear your history, cookies, caches, etc. If you follow this, it will help you get flights at a cheaper rate.

The ticket price varies according to age criteria. If you are a kid, then the ticket rate varies; it would be different if you are a senior citizen. But, these age discounts redeem only after showing ID proof. Whenever a website asks to enter your age, you can most probably make available a discount if you fall any of the criteria. Thus, you can activate your VPN on your device before visiting the website to get this kind of offer. VPN hides all your personal information by keeping in mind everything so that websites can’t track you.

With this method, you would be able to clear caches and cookies with the help of different VPN servers to get discounts every time. But the thing is that the website asks you to enter your age where you need to lie. It has often been seen that lying removes users from these stores whenever they ask for authentic ID proof at the time of verification.

Does Free VPN more beneficial than Surfshark VPN service?

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No, in any sense, Free VPN is better than Surfshark VPN. Many times, people search for a free VPN to save money rather than buy the safest and most highly encrypted VPN subscription. But the vital thing you need to keep in mind is that free VPN services have more significant chances of leaking your data and selling back into the same shop you are trying to trail. Along with this, free VPNs also expose your data to more significant risks with DNS and others. As a result, the VPN service provider tracks you.

Essential Tips for avoiding price discrimination

As we know, most companies use price discrimination strategies to maximize their profits. Thus to get aware of some of the most used pricing strategies, below are some of the best tips when you use a VPN server:

  • Try multiple ways by changing dates on the hotel, airlines, and travel websites.
  • Keep updated with the news reports on price gouging.
  • Keep in mind to access the website by using your VPN so that tracking won’t be possible.
  • Test the benefits with another account by using a VPN other than your original account for comparison.


Surfshark VPN is the best VPN service provider that keeps your internet connection highly secured from all the accessing websites you log in to. It also provides an excellent feature for spotting and overcoming price discrimination.